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Additional Information

Ever since I was young, it had always been my dream to experiment with chemicals and find new solutions to various problems. It is always interesting to see how various chemicals blend and react with each other. As a young child, I did it for fun but as I matured, I realized that my hobby could be turned into something productive. I excelled in chemistry and I was given a chance to work at the school laboratory in my country. In the lab, we tried to make things as interesting as possible. This opened up my scope because it gave me new challenges. I was tested beyond my capabilities and was challenged to find new chemical reactions to be used by the lower classes. The other students enjoyed their chemistry lessons more because of this and the various programs the lab technicians and I initiated. I got a chance to widen my horizon when I was accepted to this college. Not only was I accepted here but I am also working as an assistant lab technician. Being a college, the work involved is more challenging and interesting. I do not mind about this however, because a person needs challenging situations in order for him or her to realize her potential. My dream is to work as a researcher in a big company, such as Davis Chemical Company.

Many problems, especially medical ones, are solved by finding solutions in the laboratory. Researchers give people hope because they come up with the solutions to these problems. Some diseases that were considered terminal are no longer in existence today because someone working in a lab found out how they could be cured. Fixing problems have also become relatively easy. People no longer have to work the whole day trying to clean a stain that will not come off. This is because someone has dedicated his or her time to make the work easier. Things have also changed in the oil industry and other mineral industries because chemical researchers are busy at work. The same situation is also present in the alcohol, wines and spirits industry. Solutions are sought to make work easier when making the drinks and people comp up with new solutions almost on a daily basis. The same case applies in the agricultural industry as researchers manufacture new fertilizers, which are safe for the environment and for the people to use. Chemicals are a part of everyday life yet many people are not ready to embrace the industry wholeheartedly. One of the reasons could be that chemicals have been blamed for many environmental degradation and pollution cases.

Though I have a passion for working with chemicals, I realize that it is not possible to realize my dream if the world is polluted and wasted. That is why I think that every company has a responsibility for taking care of the environment. The world is where it is right now because people chose to fulfill their desires first without thinking of future generations. Everything that a company does should be safe for the people and nature. Companies, whether chemical or not, should not disregard their environment for the sake of profit. They should instead look for ways to take care of the environment and still fulfill their mission. If they find it hard to do both of these things, then there is no need of starting the company. Waste management is especially important because if it is not managed properly, it can lead to serious environmental disasters.

However, as interesting as work may be, it is always relaxing to do something else at the end of the day. I find that I am more productive when I take some time off to relax either through listening to music or through watching an entertaining program on television. I also read many journals, articles, books and other publications that are related to my chosen field. This way, I am assured of being the best as I work towards my goal.


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