Action Research Plan DB







Action Research Plan DB

Hayes EDFN 506

In this action plan, I think the researcher has done a good job to explore what computer skills the students of today require in their classroom. This is because technology has changed completely. Additionally, the young generation has changed completely since they are more conversant with the latest technology than the other generations. I think the researcher has used a good method of using twenty-six classrooms for observation. This is because he or she has a large pool of information from which he or she can be able to make conclusive remarks. However, I would suggest that the researcher should try to ask the students themselves what they know. Additionally, the research should also create questionnaires for the parents in relation to the kind of technology they are teaching their children.

In my own experience with the topic, there are certain standards that have been set by the government. Based on these standards, one should be able to know what the children are supposed to learn and what they are not supposed to learn. For instance, the government allows certain software programs for teaching children. On the other hand, learning how to type is another essential thing the government thinks is important. One question that is disturbing about this action plan is whether the iPods raise ethical issues. This is because children will be more interested in playing games with ipods than learning the new technology. Despite this fact, I think the action plan is best suited to tackle this topic of technology.


            In response to this action plan, it is true to say that, students are ready to learn in an environment in which they are more comfortable like a community or a society. This is because no child will study in an area where he or she is being bullied. This is true because they are always in constant fear and they tend to skip school. In my own experience, I used to teach in a public school where bullying was a common occurrence in the school. Those students who were being bullied performed miserably and skipped school most of the time. On the other hand, those students who used to bully the others had issues that grew back from home. These issues led them to bullying other innocent kids. Therefore, to stop this, the action plan has come up with good ways to create a community environment for the students.

I think the method used to gather the information about this topic in the action plan is the best. However, I do not think the researcher should limit him or herself to the two schools. This is because the information obtained from these schools is not enough for concluding on the topic. He or she should also compare between public schools and private schools. Additionally, he or she can check whether the social classes affect the community environment by visiting schools in different area codes. In the questionnaire, the question of victimization will arise. This will raise many questions on the part of the parents on what the administration is doing to stop this. On the other hand, the parents to the bullies will feel that their children have been victimized.

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