“A Deep Self” and “Sanity”

“A Deep Self” and “Sanity”

According to Wolf, ‘deep self’ is that inner part of somebody that is responsible of feeling and thinking. Several scholars have raised questions on how will can be controlled and they have come up with the solution that the deep self usually controls the will of the person. On the other hand, it can be argued that the deep self is controlled by the will of a person. At some point, the deep self of a person really affects the performance of his will in the sense that people have the ability to choose whether they have the will or not. However, there are several instances when the people are not responsible for their deep self or the inner part of themselves. For instance, when people are under hypnotism they do not have the ability to control their inner self.

However, there are several views, which are given in relation to the deep self. They can be either positive or negative depending on how a person will look at it. The deep-self view explains clearly the different meanings, which are accrued from the word responsibility. This means that there are some actions, which people are not responsible for them may be because of brain washing or other activities. In this case, the deep-self view has shown how brain washing has affected it. In brainwashing, the will of a person is changed and the person is made to believe what is right and what is wrong. The person no longer uses the ability of deep self in determining what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, it can be concluded that the person does not act in his own will or in accordance to the deep self.

Another meaning, which is very important and is being portrayed by the deep self, is how adults are responsible for their actions because of the deep self they have in them. Adults have fully developed and they are able to use the deep self freely without any interference unlike in the case of animals and machines. This is because the different kinds of machines and animals do not have the deep self in them. They act in accordance with what they have been ordered to do. Additionally, if these animals had a will, definitely they will not be responsible for their actions because they usually follow a certain command, which is very essential in their lives. Failure to follow the command they are punished. Therefore, these animals follow the command and not their own deep self. Moreover, children are not able to have a deep self because at some point it is affected by the command of their elders. They have to obey their elders at all times. Therefore, it is correct to say that animals do not have a deep self in them and that the children have not fully acquired their deep self.

Another importance in accordance to Wolf is the use of deep self to mould our behaviors and characters. It is through this deep self that gives a person several character traits. Before people perform any activity, they must first think of how they are going to perform a certain act and the repercussions, which are going to follow, after doing the act. The thinking itself is the process of the use of the deep self to determine the actions to be performed. In conjunction, people are judged by their actions therefore, they can be judged through this deep self because their actions are determined by the inner feelings in them. However, the deep self cannot be seen but the actions can be seen therefore, the actions of a person usually show the deep self of a person. In addition to this, different actions show different deep self or inner feelings of a person and the different wills in which a person portrays.

On the other hand, there is a negative effect on the meaning of deep self. Several people are usually not aware that the deep self in them can be misleading. The deep self of a person is sometimes controlled by other factors like what one desires or what one has learnt through out his life. This can mislead the thinking of people in the sense that people will always want to think of what they like and not what they are supposed to think about in the end. Therefore, it can be misleading if the people used their deep self freely. Additionally, people are responsible for their actions. They might start using it as a way of misleading themselves and others. Therefore, people can be in a lot of trouble if they misled themselves in doing the wrong actions.

According to Wolf, sanity can be described as the physical problems, which are affected, by the environmental and social issues and not the issues that are just visible by the eyes. These things have affected the deep self of a person. When a person is said to be insane the ability of thinking is usually not there and the person does not have the will to do anything on his own. When one is said to be insane usually the person is free from any responsibilities, which might come up with the actions. Therefore, sanity can be said to determine the deep self of a person and the amount of responsibility in which a person is responsible in case of a problem.

In the definition of sanity, Wolf uses the view of sanity deep view to explain well what sanity means. When people are growing up, they try to emulate what they have been seeing when they were children, they are said to be insane. This is because when people are born, they have a fresh mind, which does not know anything in relation to the different actions that one is expected to take. Therefore, people act in accordance with what they have been guided to do since their childhood. This means that, most of the actions that the people do they are usually not responsible for them because that is what the deeper self has been taught to feel and act since their childhood. Moreover, when people are in such a state, they act in accordance with the will of the other person who they are trying to emulate. This other person can be a parent or a teacher who has been guiding them in each action they are doing. This means that the people are not acting in accordance with the deep self, which is in them.

Another meaning of sanity as defined by Wolf is the situation in which an individual has grown to become. There are certain issues that have continually affected the growth of person especially in instances where the children are either home schooled or their parents have a great influence in their life since they were born. The children will grow up in the social conditions where their deep self has been affected by the parents. Therefore, the children are said to grow up to become insane in their life. This is because they cannot be able to think or feel for themselves since their parents have influenced their feelings. Hence, they can be called insane when they grow up to become adult. This is because of the corruption of their minds that their parents have done to them.

Sanity does not work independently from the deep self of a person; it works hand-in-hand with the deep self of a person. This is because when a person is said to be sane, usually the person is able to feel and think for himself without any hindrances from the childhood life. Therefore, the individual has the responsibility of what actions the individual has decided to take. When one is said to be sane one has the ability to reasonably feel and think for himself without any interference from the environmental or external factors. A sane person determines the character traits in which one is to take and the different actions one can take. On the other hand, sane people do not determine the character traits in which they follow because they do not have the deeper self in them.

However, this does not mean that it is grounds for everybody to put their mischievous actions as being insane. The people, like the adults have the ability to think and feel for themselves but what determines whether they are in sane is the social and environmental factors in which they were raised in since they were born. Therefore, this are not grounds to be used by people in case of any mistakes in their actions. Therefore, they are supposed to take full responsibility of their mistake unless proven otherwise by a qualified person.

In conclusion, it can be said that the sanity of people cannot be separated from the deep self of a person. The deep self of the person usually determines the sanity of the person. On the other hand, the deep self of a person can be separated from sanity or insanity where the people are fully responsible of what they do. Lastly, sanity is not always, what we see with our eyes but what we usually feel and how we have been brought up from the time we were very young.

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