A creed for the third millennium essay

A creed for the third millennium essay

Question 2

In the book, the creed of the third millennium, the author has tried to highlight on the events that are to take place in the future. Some of the events are likely to cause much devastation and mental problems to the people at that time. In the pursuit to seek the best representation of the period and the way things will be like, Colleen McCullough has tried to explain what the feelings and attitudes of the people will be. The fact there is likely to be various circumstances that will make life uncomfortable for many people is one reason that people’s attitudes and believes will never be the same (McCullough, 1986).

The causes of millennial neurosis are highly related to the circumstances prevalent in the time. For instance, the fact there is a dramatic change in the weather is reason enough for the millennial neurosis. The people are devastated by the cold weather which has now descended upon the world. The millennial neurosis is also caused by the growing desire of the people to relocate to the south. Similarly, the fact that there has been issued a decree by the government that there should be child repeated bearing is another cause of the millennial neurosis.

Millennial Neurosis is characterized by the attitude change of the people. People seem to be highly depressed by the events that construe in this period. A look at the people immediately reveals their inner emotional shakeups. Dr. Joshua believes that the only cure that they can get is by believing, either in God or in their own concept. A good example showing the nature of millennial neurosis is when Dr Joshua writes a book through which he is able to reach many people. Thus the treatment is plausible for the ailment. Dr Joshua is this case represented as the savior of the people. However, his ideologies reveal that he is suffering from millennial neurosis.


Question 6

The media plays a very critical role in the spread in the development of religion. The so called religion is all as a result of the ideological changes in the minds of the people and the ultimate development of believes. In this case the government manipulates the media to spread the ideologies it wants the people to embrace.  For instance, the government would like the people to embrace the idea of bearing children only ones. The fact that the media is available, the government can easily communicate to the people and pass the restrictions it wants to put.

In the development of religion, Dr Joshua utilizes the media by writing a book through which he delivers his treatment to the people. Thus media plays that major role of the promoting religion. No other way can be used successfully in communicating the ideologies that have been developed by the government to communicate the therapy that the government has eventually been able to develop through the efforts of the Dr Joshua who the government has been seeking through the efforts of Judith (McCullough, 1986).

McCullough’s views about the media are true. They are in fact valid. The observations are highly applicable today. For instance, there has been the element of manipulation of the media by the government in trying to communicate specific legislations whose effects to the people have not always been positive. Her views about religion and the media are also true. The media is now being fully applicable in the dissemination of religious believes to people.

The media has remarkably changed from the time she was writing the book and now. If she were writing the book now, she ought to include some of the core concepts about the media such as the acts that govern media and their freedom to cover various issues. The media has actually been extensive in scope. It is important for the media to portray the best of religion by actively passing the message of hope to people.

Question 8

Joshua Christian has been treating the people in his small clinic where he has majorly been treating millennial neurosis. Initially, Joshua portrays an element of naivety in the approach towards his mission. Joshua has not been conscious about his mission. Thus he continues rendering his services to the people by not altering it. However, he develops very close relationships with his clients.  Joshua has always been fighting this strange feeling that he has a religious sense of a calling (McCullough, 1986).

After many years of subtle manipulation, Joshua realizes what his calling is. Thus when he is given a chance to write a book, he clearly sees that he can reach many people and at least spread his religious ideologies. Joshua’s mission is related to the salvation of the American people and the world. He is very well aware that is supposed to bring about psychological and spiritual healing of the people. Joshua’s pivotal points of his change is marked by the appearance of Judith, a top government off who has been looking for a person like Joshua who can bring hope and healing to the people.

In comparing the understanding of the stages of development change between Joshua and Judith Carriol, we see that they have totally different viewpoints. Joshua believes that religion can be the means through which the people can acquire a complete healing. On the contrary, Judith believes that by getting someone like Joshua, the people can be helped in their reawakening. Thus Joshua’s belief about the process of development is by having some religious faith. Judith has the desire to bring about the change of the people through Joshua. She believes in the ability of Joshua. Similarly, Joshua believes in his mission. Through his consciousness, we receive a window of abrupt change and dawn of new beginning to the people.


McCullough, C., (1986), A Creed for the Third Millennium, HarperCollins




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