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Research paper:

As the class progresses, you will be expected to update the group and myself about the material that you were able to research. You will do that at every face-to-face meeting. You will be updating your bibliography and will hand in the paper with the bibliography the last day of class.

Your paper should have
– An introduction: what you are trying to research/prove in this assignment.
– A body: the actual research and analysis of the topic. Cut and paste may be part of your research but the paper should be in your own words
– A conclusion: summary of what you have concluded based on the research that you made

The paper should be between 4-5 pages, font size 12, reasonable margins, and full pages.
Graphs and tables are encouraged but will not be counted as part of the 4-5 pages although they will be included at the right point in your paper and the information in the tables should be used in your analysis.

Your bibliography should include at least 6 sources or relevant articles. Wikipedia could be used but will not count as part of the 6 sources.

That assignment is worth 10% of your overall grade and should be good practice of how research papers are carried out. If you pick a topic that is of interest to you, you will enjoy that assignment even more and could use it as a base for research in other classes.

The topic is about:
The United States national debt is more than 14.3 trillion and increasing, and is about to be declared bankrupt. There are talks on raising the debt ceiling, what would be the implications of raising the debt ceiling? What would be the effect on the value of the dollar if the ceiling is raised(depreciation/inflation)? How can the US eventually get out of debt? Writer can edit the content questions if he/she thinks it would make it better. Thank you

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