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You have gone to Libya to assist the rebels in anyway you can. On a very hot August day, you and a few of the rebels are sitting in the shade; it is too hot to do anything and you are just sitting around talking. One of your new-found friends asks you to explain how the U.S. government works. You have about an hour and a half to explain it, so you can only talk about some of the details on this particular day.



1 . Social welfare policy is a cause of a lot of disagreement in the U.S. Explain why there is resistance to many social welfare programs (think our political culture). Who are the poor in this country (demographics, not specific people). Who collects food stamps and TANF in this country again, demographics, not specific people? Explain which political party would increase or at least maintain current social welfare policies, and why, and which ones would prefer to provide corporative welfare, and why.


Then, discuss in two or three paragraphs, TWO of the following;


1. Explain in detail how a president is elected, from the primaries to the outcome. Give details on the electoral college, including how electoral votes are allocated to the states, and the least number a state can have, as well as how many electoral votes are needed to win.


2. Discuss voting behavior in the United States. Who votes and who doesn’t (demographics)? What are the factors contributing to low-voter turnout in the U.S.? Discuss some ways voting turnout could be increased. Should we strive to increase voter turnout? Why or why not?


3. Explain in detail the differences between liberals, conservatives, and libertarians.



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