Wal-Mart in the year 2010

the paper should go as follows:
Wal-Mart in the Year 2010 (Page 630)
Read the case and follow-up questions. Write your analysis and recommendations in essay format. Do not just answer the questions. Use appropriate grammar and syntax consistent with analytical papers. i.e. Do not use contractions; speak in first person voice (I, me, my, we, us, our) or second person voice (you, your).

This comprehensive case should be 6-8 pages in length (a minimum of 6 pages, and no longer than 8 pages). Include 4 additional outside resources (websites, articles, etc.) in addition to your text. Use MLA style of referencing those resources. (There is a link in the Navigation Tree to the left for MLA style of referencing. There is also a link to a site devoted to Wal-Mart listed you may use for some perspective). You may use bulleted lists in your recommendations and SWOT analysis, but be sure to include paragraph explanations of your analysis. This is an integrative case study. You should incorporate key terms from each of your Learning Objectives into the final paper. i will be uploading the pages for which the reading for this case will come from, as well as 4 other cases that have done for this course as a guide. the cases also have notes on them.

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