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Persuasive and Marketing Messages Letter Assignment (15 points)

Turn to page 271 of your Guffey text and read the background information for Activity 9.27 Adapting a Sales Letter From Low Context to High Context (Obj. 8).

Follow the instruction details under YOUR TASK (disregard the team instructions, as youre on your own here).

List the six factors/techniques used in this letter that typify low-context persuasive sales messages.
Then discuss how the letter could be changed if it were to appeal to high-context cultures.
Finally, compose the high-context version of this letter.

Everything you need to complete this assignment can be found within Chapter 9 and under Activity 9.27.

Text Book page 272
1) Go to APLIA
2) E-mail /
Password / AB12ab12
3) Click View table of contents
4) Chapter 9 – Persuasive and Sales Messages

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