Unit 2

For this units project, you will write a 3-page paper that answers the following questions. Each response should be no less than two paragraphs on each question. Make sure that each paragraph is no less than four sentences. Some of the questions may be longer than two paragraphs. When you have completed the project, submit your responses according to the directions given below.

1. What is a research question? What is a hypothesis?

2. Which of the research methodologies from Chapter 2 would you choose to conduct a study? Explain in detail what you like about this type of research.

3. What various perspectives on ethical issues using the methodology you chose in Question 2 do you need to identify for a research project? For example: ethical issues that you might encounter with your choice of methodology from question 2 above; ethical issues that might arise when you use human subjects in your study; and ethical considerations of the overall project, its goals, and its purpose.

4. How do research psychologists come up with conclusions in their studies?

5. If you had the opportunity to conduct a study, what would you want to study? What would you hope to find that could help you personally or professionally? Be specific

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