Unit 2 Section 1 and Section 2

Answer these question in about six sentences or more

Section 1

1-5 Unit 2 Please answer these question in at least 6 or more sentences.

1.-In your opinion, which is the most competitive industry that you are familiar with (be
sure to give reasons that support your conclusion)?

2- Describe a real world market where you suspect there is collusion and price fixing among the sellers in the market. Be specific and explain why you think there is collusion.

3. – Economists have shown that law suits are solely responsible for driving up the costs of
prescription drugs in the U.S. relative to the same drugs in Canada. The approximate
price differential is that in Canada the same prescription drugs are about 40% less
costly. In Canada, law suits against pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals
are prohibited by law. Therefore, the prescription drug industry in the U.S. should be
more regulated and subject to price controls such as those that are advocated by
politicians who also take contributions from the American Trial Lawyers Association. If
you were invited to debate one of these politicians, live, on PBS radio, what would you
say using positive economic arguements?

4.- If you could choose to work as many hours during the week as you wanted at a given
per hour wage rate, to what level would the per hour wage rate have to be before you
would begin to choose fewer hours to work? Given your answer, does the supply of labor
curve (wages on the vertical axis and hours worked on the horizontal axis) always slope
upwards to the right?

5.- In a right-to-work state such as Oklahoma, the lower marginal factor cost of labor will
attract more business, increase the marginal revenue product of labor, keep prices
lower, and increase wages over a much longer period of time than if organized labor had
prevented the passage of right-to-work laws in Oklahoma. Agree or disagree and why?
Section 2

1. Did the American labor movement ever have political problems?
2. Discuss the goals and strategies of labor unions in the context of a mining town with one large coal mine as the dominant employer of labor.
3. Is Rogers State University a monopolist in the hiring of faculty and why or why not?
4. What effects have labor unions had on wages and productivity and why?
5. What is the current status of labor unions in the United States and what will likely occur in the future?



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