The Impacts of Tourism on the Environment (natural, social, economic)


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–         -Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world

–         -there are many types of tourism and it has its negative effect on the environment

–         Tourists has many alternatives to decrease the amount of damage we do on the environment

–         Sustainable and eco tourism is the solution for bringing a positive impact on a country’s environment in terms of natural, social and economic.


Paragraph 1

–         tourist can protect the environment

–         -use Okavango case

–         use greengas case

Paragraph 2

–         enables the preservation of the culture and traditions

–         it lets tourists to have a better experience of the local culture

– tourists can be more involve in activities

Paragraph 3

–         job opportunity increase for local people which increase country’s economical status

–         Total revenue from tourism will increase with decrease in leaking of income.

–         Local people will also have better income through eco- tourism and sustainable tourism.


–         Eco- tourism and sustainable tourism both create a better and memorable experience for tourists.

–         Helps preserve the countries environment for future visits by other tourists or repeat tourist.






















Annotated Bibligraphy


Budeanu, A. (2007). Sustainable tourist behaviour – a discussion of opportunities for change. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 31(5), 499-508.



Perch-Nielsen, S., Sesartic, A., & Stucki, M. (2010). The green house gas intensity of the tourism factor : the case of Switzerland. Environmental Science & Policy, 13(2), 131-140


This is a case study on greenhouse gas intensity for tourism. Through proofs of data graphs and tables, readers can see that the negative impact that tourism has on the environment. Solution is also provided to solve the green gas problem.


Beladi, H., Chao, C., Hazari, B. R., & Laffargue, J. (2009). Tourism and the environment. Resource & Energy Economics, 31(1), 39-49.


Taylor, J. E., Dyer, G. A., Stewart, M., Yunez-Naude, A., & Ardila, S. (2003). The economics of ecotourism: A galápagos islands economy-wide perspective. Economic Development & Cultural Change, 51(4), 977-997.


Relationship of eco-tourism and economics are discussed in this article as eco-tourism is getting more popular. The impact of eco-tourism are measured in the article. To assist in understanding the economics, a case study on Galapagos is used.


Mbaiwa. J.E. (2003). The socio-economic and environmental impacts of tourism development on the Okavango delta, north-western Botswana. Journal of Arid Environment, 54(2), 447-467


This article uses Okavango as an example to show readers the negative impact of tourism with tables and graph as proof. Author also introduces the idea of sustainable tourism and the process to attain it.

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