Theater Revolt Essay

Please see Theater Revolt Example of a well-written paper.pdf of a well written Theater Revolt essay.

Please see Theater Revolt Study Guide.pdf to give you more information on how to complete this essay

Please see Theater Revolt Playwright List.pdf or Theater Revolt Suggested Playlist.pdf to choose which play you want to use. Once you have chosen play please email me so I can learn about it as well. I have to do a speech on the play and talk about it.

Please see Theater Revolt Writing Tips.pdf to provide information on how to write a good Theater Revolt.

The Playwright Paper has a formal, professional tone, and is intended to help develop an original and thoughtful composition that is accurate in research and analysis, well organized in structure, and clear in comprehension. The main objective is “thesis-based”: to take a stand and defend it with examples. Please try to prove that the chosen writer is a playwright of theater revolt by analyzing one of their plays, and incorporating research about the playwright and the world of the play. Try to maintain focus on the thesis of the paper, theatre of revolt, and avoid merely summarizing the plot. Instead, you need to analyze (in any order) three areas:
1) The Playwright – use details from their life, writings by other critics about them, or other plays or works they themselves have written, in order to point out how “revolutionary” they may have been in their career;
2) The Play – Use examples from the action, characters, themes and language of the play in your argument about theatre of revolt; bring in short quotations from the play and explain them as evidence of revolt; persuade us of your thesis with your analysis of the story, not just a summary of it. This paper is more critical thinking. Please do not use Wikipedia or
3) The World of the Play – Draw relevance to the play by making connections with another area of the Humanities, and show how your playwright’s intentions were similar to the works of other writers, philosophers, or artists of the time; or, discuss the historical events of the time of the play’s composition to show how the playwright was reacting to current conditions (for instance, how Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible as a protest against the hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee).
The Research Paper should utilize at least 5 to 7 works as sources in the List of Works Cited, and include at least 5 to 7 citations to those sources in the text. Citing your sources not only avoids plagiarism, but gives the paper more credibility. Please provide at least four printed sources (for instance, articles about the playwright other than what Wikipedia says about them). To acknowledge your sources in the text of the paper, type the author’s last name and a page number within parentheses at the end of the sentence that includes the author’s idea or quotation (Parenthetical Documentation). Using this method of citations, the paper will only need a List of Works Cited page at the end of the paper (arranged alphabetically) instead of the usual Endnotes and Bibliography pages.

This is an important paper for me. If you need any questions please email and I will respond promptly.

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