The Things They Carried

Please analyze one section of this story either first section middle or the end part look at the imagery,Character etc. and follow the instructions from the teacher along with this order, the story call: “The Things They Carried” by TIM O’BRIEN. you can find online or in the book call:The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction by Richard Bausch&R.V. Cassill: shorter seventh edition

Choose one section from “The Things They Carried”, and write two pages essay perform a close reading of it. This essay portrays all of the various physical and emotional burdens felt by the American soldiers in Vietnam in order to comment on that war, and the psychology of individuals in war. In this close reading, I want you to look at each detail of the section, and start piecing together what literary strategies O’Brien uses to portray this specific emotional effect. Start by asking: What piece does your section contribute to the whole? I want you to be specific, and also connect your section to other sections with your observations (see below). Don’t just write, “My section is about the burden of violence”. Think about how we discussed  imagery, characteristics, tone, and etc.

When looking at your section consider the following questions: What is O’Brien doing with time and scene in your section, and how does it differ from other sections? Make sure to compare your section to other sections. What is repeated? What is presented for the first time? Examine some of the details; what specific emotion or “truth” of war do these details raise, and how is it effective? How are the characters built in your section, and what purpose do they serve? How is dialogue used? Focus on making astute observations. If you can’t fully identify why the detail is working, that’s fine, just try to point out evidence that strikes you.

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