The rights of the group are more important than the rights of the individual



The rights of the group are more important than the individual.


Address in the form of a social commentary written as a newspaper article.


Your opinion is that the INDIVIDUAL is MORE important than the GROUP.


Basic Structure to follow:



You need to establish a context for your writing in order to introduce the topic. The book MUST be mentioned.



What is your view, perspective or opinion on the topic? Remember to link it to the context established in the orientation.



Each paragraph should provide an elaboration of your topic by providing examples/explanations of your thesis.


Be sure to include facts; statistics; personal reflections; anecdotes; etc


Have you included wit; humour; irony; sarcasm; colloquial language; statements; rhetorical questions; etc?


NOTE: Each body paragraph should use an example from the book “1984” by George Orwell and a modern day comparison.



Sum up your opinion/reflection by restating your original thesis.


Need to call readers to action.


Remember to end with a strong statement which reinforces and highlights your personal opinion.

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