The ethical issues behind the suprime mortgage crises that started in 2006 and continues up to this day

Thesis: The ethical issue(s) behind the subprime mortgage crisis that started in 2006 and continues up through this day is one of the contributors to the state of the economy today.

1. Introduction:

A. Define Subprime Mortgage
1.Sources of the Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis
B. Why was it used?
1. Why Did Mortgage Lenders Lend to Sub-prime Customers?

2. State the Crisis and ethical issues

A. Identify ethical issues

B. Identify involved parties
1.What about the Ratings Agencies?
2. Buyers of the Securities–why did they do it?

C. Mortgage rate during subprime, Diagrams & charts
1. Compare rates before and after the crisis.
2. Identify & discuss areas of impact

3. Identify the people affected and how they are affected.

A. The borrowers qualified for subprime mortgage when credit rating
B. Banks , Lenders approving unqualified borrowers
C. Credit Card Holders experience the increase in APR to make up for the loses.
4. Conclusion summing up the overall state of the crisis.
A. Resolutions that have been put into law.
B. Types of checks and balances that are proposed.
C. Long term affect
D Progress of implemented laws if any.

5. Reference

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