this is my theater class paper. this class required me to attend THE BEAUX’ STRATAGEM show and write a paper about it. I already attended the show, and I record the WHOLE show. I recorded them in 10 parts.
First, you need to watch the whole show and write section A.
Second, you will have to listen to the whole lecture 23 to complete section B.
I will attach the video show and lecture 23.

Paper Assignment: 

(A) Discuss how the characters are used to develop the relationships within the story.

(B) In a lecture (program 23) the objectives of the visual designers are cited. State and then apply these objectives to the production and discuss how these are reflected in the scenery, costumes, properties, and lighting. Be sure to give specific examples.



The play tells the story of two young bucks who, having spent all their money by living too well, leave London and roam from town to town in search of love and fortune. In order to find a wealthy heiress for at least one of them, they pose as master and servant – exchanging roles from one town to the next. In Lichfield, Aimwell is the master and Archer the servant, and there they meet the lovely, wealthy Dorinda and her equally desirable sister-in-law, Mrs. Kate Sullen. They set their caps for these women, but problems abound. Kate is married to a drunken sot who despises her; the innkeeper’s saucy daughter, Cherry, has set her cap for Archer; Dorinda’s mother, Lady Bountiful, mistakenly believes herself to be a great healer of the sick, and she guards her daughter like a dragoness; and a band of brigands plans to rob the house of Lady Bountiful that very night, putting all schemes in jeopardy. This is a play in the great tradition of Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer and Sheridan’s The Rivals and The School for Scandal. It is classic, formal, robust and hilarious.


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