Texts from Becoming Americans

Task: Compose an essay in which you compare and contrast the representative texts from Becoming Americans. Your essay should have a thesis and prove a point about these texts.
Guideline and Suggestions:
-Trace the significant similarities, differences, and trends in the themes, issues, and narrative styles of these american immigrant’s texts.
– Make note of the time periods, conditions/reasons for immigration, issues that arise as a result of immigration, and the various individuals that immigrted to America.
– What do you want to prove with your essay? What does an analysis of these texts show overall?
– use at least one direct or paraphrase quotation from each text (13-16 texts total)
– be 4-6 pages
– use proper essay structure: introduction, thesis statement, body paragraph in TEA/PIE format, and a conclusion
– use MLA format for citations, double space, use Time New Roman size 12 as the font, include work cited page of the sources from each author.

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