Social Media in the workplace: Benefits and Constraints

Please read and follow carefully the instructions provided on the attached word document, take into account what the professor is looking for annotated review. In the guidelines you will find all what you need for this paper, but I am providing a summary below anyway, you still need to read the word document.

You must used Google scholar to find the sources, they have to be academic, recent and relevant to the topic, no books are to be used.

Parts of the Annotated bibliography: (read annotated bibliography ? How should I set it out? ). Although the topic is about social media in the workplace, YOU MUST make sure the focus you place is on ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR and relate to it throughout the paper.

– Introduction (formulate a question)
– Critical reading and thinking is important for the selection, briefly summary, analysis and evaluation for each reference, of the 10 online academic, recent sources (6 important, 2 relatively important and 2 not so important and therefore reasons to discard it). Type 170word on average some will be more).

– Conclusions
– Bibliography, list of 30 source which only 10 are to be used in main body for analysis and description.
– List of 6 key terms, which are relevant to your specific topic � these should not be general terms like ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR, but more specific to your chosen topic.

Remember a very important part of this paper is use referencing appropriately. CHICAGO IN-TEXT REFERENCING should be used and NOT FOOTNOTE, please.

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