In Shakespeare’s Othello and in Ibsen’s A Doll House, students encounter two literary villains, Iago and Krogstad, who aid in the destruction of marriages. Although both characters perform the same deed, the results prove quite different in changing the outcome of the play. By examining these two plays and the two characters, examine how the situations are different yet the same.

The assignment is not research-based. Please present your own original ideas. Avoid quoting long passages of the plays

6. If you choose to study two plays in a comparison/contrast essay, be sure to offer a balanced study of both texts. (What I mean is, do not focus too much on one play and then just quickly go over the other in an unbalanced analysis).

5. Bonus points: After your title, write and underline your essay’s main idea in one clear, focused sentence. This is the thesis statement. (A thesis statement should not be a question but a declarative sentence). You will get 2 bonus points for writing and underlining your thesis statement.

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