Seven general questions that deal in various subjects of the enviornment

Below are 7 general questions that need acouple paragraphs for each questions to be answered…Only question # 2 has reading material that i included SEE DEEP ECONOMY FILE

1) What are the likely effects of climate change to a country like Bangladesh? Why have tigers been such a problem there, are there any viable solutions? (10 points)

2) In Deep Economy Bill McKibben (SEE ATTACHED FILE) observes that after a minimal level of income, increases in income do not increase happiness or satisfaction with life. Why might this be true or untrue and what policy implications does it have? (10 points)

3) What technological developments have lead to the fourfold increase in meat production between 1961 and 2006? In what ways does less expensive, industrially farmed meat cost more? What role do government subsidies play in meat and fish production?

4) What are the most important environmental challenges facing China today? Is it necessary to sacrifice environmental quality for economic growth? If you were a high ranking government official in the Peoples Republic what would be your top recommendations and what initiatives would you prioritize? (15 points)

5) What happened to the biodiversity on the Polynesian Islands and Hawaii? What caused the mass extinctions in North America? Are we seeing similar occurrences today? (15 points)

6) You have been appointed the secretary of environmental affairs,what recommendations would you make to the President? Keep in mind the economic law of opportunity costs. (20 points)

7) Make a case that the world has or has not reached its enviornmental limits. Support your case either way with evidence

Be sure to answer all parts of the essay question, but please keep answers succinct and to the point. single spaced, 12 point font.

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