Rocky Mountain Mutual

Complete Assignment 1 at the end of the case in approximately three pages. Be sure accomplish the following:

Apply as many concepts as possible from the readings. After you’ve written the memo, describe how you used the ideas from the readings.

2. Now apply some of the background material to your own life in 1-2 pages. First, what is something at work that really cheeses you off–something you would really like to change? Once you’ve identified it, write a persuasive memo that makes your case and uses guidelines from Cialdini, Conger, and/or Bowman. It can be about any topic that might come up at work that calls for you to persuade someone or some people. Examples include:

why you should get a raise,

why the new performance appraisal system should be junked,

why your colleagues should do more active listening,

why the company should ditch its 1970’s logo


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