Research Paper

use at least 6 journal article for references and the in text – citation. must use the source of Australian.


Research Paper
Type: Paper
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3
Due Date: 
         13 Sep 10 16:00     week 8
Weight: 40%
Task Description: 
The research paper requires you to study a sub-culture and submit a 2000 paper (essay or report style) in week 8. You may choose one of the following topics:
(1) an oral history conducted with an individual from a sub-culture about her or his past and current life situation, experiences of cultural difference, stereotyping and or discrimination
(2) a descriptive investigation of a sub-cultural group about their past and current life situation, experiences of cultural difference, stereotyping and or discrimination
(3) an interview conducted with a tourism hospitality supervisor/manager about her or his experience of managing a culturally diverse work team or customer market and experiences of cultural difference, stereotyping and or discrimination
(4) other topic; e.g., a review of government policy concerning equal opportunity, affirmative action and or employment of people from different cultural backgrounds; a literature review of empirical research on a specific aspect of cultural diversity; a review of a human rights issue, or other topic negotiated with and approved by tutor.
Whilst the contents of the paper will vary to suit the topic and will be determined by you, the paper will:
1.Deal with a culture, sub-culture or topic that is unfamiliar to you and highlight examples of cultural difference, stereotyping, discrimination and other concepts taught in the course.
2.Demonstrate evidence of primary (e.g., participant) and or secondary (e.g., document) research selected from several (e.g., 4-6) information sources.
3.Exhibit sensitivity and empathy toward individuals, groups and or organisations.
4.Incorporate some content relevant to tourism or hospitlaity experiences or settings.
Criteria & Marking: 
The total mark for the research paper is 40%. The grading criteria for the written paper are: (1) the depth of research (i.e. detail and understanding) you display about the topic (10 marks), (2) your ability to use concepts and ideas from lectures, tutorials and or readings (10 marks), (3) the level of cultural awareness or sensitivity evident in your research (10 marks), and the quality of written communication skills (10 marks).  See the Learning@Griffith site for grading sheet details.
1. All assignments submitted for grading must be word processed. Students must be able to produce an electronic copy of all work submitted, and be able to resubmit if requested by the Convenor. Students are expected to retain copies of all assessment items submitted until a final grade for the course has been awarded. Creating a backup of all your computer files is highly recommended.
2. Assignments received by fax, e-mail, or any other form other than hard copy will NOT be accepted. Refer to “Unit” Section on Late Submission Assignments
3. SafeAssign is an online text-matching service available through the course Learning@Griffith site. It enables students to submit electronic versions of their assignments via the internet, and generate a text-matching report. This service is designed to aid in educating students about plagiarism and the importance or proper attribution of any borrowed content. It is recommended that all students utilise this service prior to submitting a hard copy of their assignments. A student user guide is available at the following site:
4. Citation and referencing format should conform to the GBS guidelines both in the body of your paper and its attached reference section. Please check with your convenor to confirm the required style (ie. APA (American Psychological Association) or Harvard) and refer to the GBS Resource Bank for correct referencing format.
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