Reflection on this book: I Only Say This Because I love You

For this paper, I’d like you to reflect on Tannen’s, I Only Say This Because I Love You.  I’d like you to reflect on what concepts/ideas that were explored in the book that you found most important, enlightening, and worthwhile in examining conflict in your personal and/or professional lives.  What ideas were presented that can make you a better communicator?  What ideas were presented that help break down negative communicative norms or habits that you have?  How will that make you a more effective communicator?  Why?
•Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced – you can use any readable font of your choice.
•I’m looking for a minimum of 3 direct references (cited) to the text or materials that helps to illustrate your understanding of the material.
•Clarity and coherence is a very important aspect of this paper, along with good grammar and spelling.  I’m looking for well thought-out and well-written papers that address the ways in which understanding aspects of the text can help to improve or understand your personal or professional communication.

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