Reflection on Multi- Source Paper

Write a brief essay in which you reflect on the process of writing your Multi-Source Paper(#2098717). The following is an outline of the paragraphs you should write.
Paragraph One. Reflect on what you have learned in your research thus far. How did it shape the paper you wrote? How did the information that you learned surprise or challenge you? How did it force you to think in more depth about things?
Paragraph two. What specific changes did you make in revising your rough draft into a final draft. How did these changes re-shape the paper? (for  example: if you changed your thesis, explain what it was before, why it needed to be changed, and how the new version improves upon it.)
Paragraph three. What are you proudest of? ( If someone were to look at your paper, what would you hope that person saw?)
Paragraph four. Look ahead to the Final Research Paper. What challenges do you expect to find? Is it possible that your experience with writing the Multi-Source Paper will help you succeed in the final Research Paper? How?

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