Must be 2-3 double-spaced, typed pages in total.
Proofread your essay before turning it in. You will be graded on both content and style.

Park Kwang-su has often been cited as Koreas cinematic realist for his vivid and realistic
portrayal of situations and characters. In your mind, is he a realist? If he is, how does his
film Chilsu and Mansu compare with A Stray Bullet (Obaltan)? Does Chilsu and Mansu
feature more pronounced characteristics of realism than A Stray Bullet? Be sure to define
realism as you respond.

2.clear thesis Park Kwang su is a realist becuase of following reasons and please compare with A Stray Bullet (Obaltan)
chilsu and mansu and A stray Bullet they are both films! so you have to know what is about!
3.Do not summarize the film instead pay attention to mise-en-scene such as costuming,props and dialogue,narrative
4.well supported evidence

for Obaltan film..
it is a realism film which contains unvarnished look minimal use of music/dialogue/props. complicaton of moral values.Debunking of poetic justice.unpredictable and randomness

read the articles it would be helpful

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