Powerpoint Presentation Oceania

Regional Urban Development

The project: A research project on the urban development in a world region outside North America (as represented in Chapters 3–12), or a subregion in a region if applicable (e.g., Eastern Europe). The project includes (1) an overview of urban patterns and dynamics in the region (e.g., a graphic or descriptive model) and (2) a case study on a representative city of that region. It culminates in a class presentation (PPT) that is co-graded by the instructor and the class.

• A brief history of the region’s overall development (1-2 slides)
• The region’s urban system: is there a model that would be applicable to the region? (1-2 slide) • Describe the region’s typical urban cultural and socioeconomic landscapes (1-2 slides)
• Discuss the representative city’s (1) site and situation and (2) in what ways the city’s intra-urban landscape, land use and changes are typical (and exceptional) of the regional urban development (1-2 slides); use a theoretical or descriptive model to enhance your analyses (1-2 slide)
• Provide a succinct summary of your findings and conclusions (1-2 slide)
• References (1 slide) Presentation Effectiveness (10 points max.): • The research must culminate in a PowerPoint Presentation; • Focus on spatial (geographical) aspects and limit coverage of historical and general background

Presentation Focus- Oceania Region, following list: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Australia; Auckland, NZ; Port Moresby, Papua New
Create a two page a script for presentation

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