Political science

It has to critical essay, where you should introduce your opinion.

You sholud consider both behaviorist approaches es and other approaches of plitical analyses which have opposite views.

It has to have clear introduction and conclussion

Pleace, do not use internet esources and if it is possible use these books:
-Theory and Methods in Political Science (David Marsh and Gerry Stoker)
-The Rational Controversy (Jefferey Friedman)

At the end of essay it has to be a list of biblopgraphy

The following criteria will be used in assessing my essay:
1.    Definition of the topic
•    Has the topic been clearly defined and directly addressed?

2.    Structure of the essay
•    Does the introduction present a clear statement of the issues to be covered?
•    Does the essay have a clear structure or organisation in which a) the main points are developed logically; and b) the relevance of the material to the theme or argument is clear?
•    Is there an effective conclusion which draws together the main points?

3.    Content
•    Is there evidence of adequate reading and research?
•    Has the question being answered?
•    Is the breadth of coverage adequate?
•    Are the issues and ideas analysed in sufficient depth?
•    Are arguments supported by evidence, examples, sources and quotations?

4.    Analysis
•    Are the arguments logical and consistent?
•    Are opinions based on evidence and/or logic?
•    Does the essay show evidence of original or independent thought?

5.    Presentation
•    Fluency and style of writing
•    Spelling, grammar, paragraphing
•    Presentation of data: effective use of figures and tables and correct use of units and quantities
•    Neatness and legibility
•    Sources: are sources acknowledged? Are references cited? Are references presented correctly?

Please, cited references in brackets after text, in instance:

Rational Choice draws on the methodology of economics in contrast to behaviorialists (Barry 1970)

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