Perception and Response to Humanities

This paper is divided into two parts.(each part by page).

First part(page#1)
This unit we learned how the humanities are perceived and interpreted. What is aesthetics and how does it pertain to the humanities? Identify and describe the three questions fundamental to the study of humanities. Why is each important?
Second part(page#2)
This unit we learned how humanities is important for communcation. Describe how humanities helps individuals with judgment, communication, and action. Be specific and give examples.

Thus, feel free to use external creditable sources of information. This part of the writing assignment should be approximately 1 page in length, double spaced. Margins should be 1.25″ both right and left. Write in complete sentences and proofread your work for grammatical and spelling errors. Include all references to the sources of your information in APA format. Be cautious of plagiarism and be certain that all information from external sources is rephrased and appropriately documented.

Thank you.

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