Open WalMart Store in Kava Islands

a. Read the Business Scenario Decisions in Paradise. (sent as separate attachment)
b. Use Kava Research Paper (sent as separate attachment) as foundation for this next assignment.
c. Using the information from the Scenario, Kava research paper, independent research, and the mission of Wal-Mart, write a 700-750 word paper, which you apply a decision-making technique to propose the appropriate solution(s) for your organization to establish a greater presence on Kava by:
1) Identify 2 contrasting alternative solution packages to address the challenges identified and to support the expansion to Kava project.
2) Using the definition and various elements of critical thinking, conduct a pro/con analysis for the proposed solutions.
Be sure to properly cite 3 diverse text references in your paper.

Kava Islands Research

Anthony Almeda

MGT 350

June 15, 2010

Vernon Wooldridge












Kava Islands – Analysis

Wal-Mart is a major company that strives to bring quality consumer goods to people who could use a break on high cost products.  Founded in 1962, Wal-Mart expanded international in 1971, choosing Mexico City, Mexico as the first international location.  Wal-Mart International was created in 1993, and currently has over 4000 stores in 14 countries outside the Continental U.S., and employs over 660,000 associates.

Mission Statement

Wal-Mart’s mission statement is to save people money, to help them live better.

Wal-Mart will always have the communities’ best interest when researching the growth of the company internationally, as other countries culture drastically differs from America’s.

With having such an organization, decisions and adequate research on what is required is needed so as to establish the basis of approaching the idea to expand in Kava.

Outline of Expansion

Taking into consideration that over 50% of Kava’s population is under the age of 15, the diverse ethnic backgrounds with Americans being the minority, diverse language and religious backgrounds.  Wal-Mart will have to be sensitive in all aspects as to not upset the people of Kava, in their research of expanding in their communities  Since Kava has such a strong export economy with the exporting of petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, etc., we will have a challenge to sell our presence in Kava as a good thing.

Organizational Process

Organizational process involves the way in which an organization defines, organizes and carries out its operations through the product life cycle stages. They include the measures employed to improve business performance, the intellectuals and models that contribute to business organizational goals and objectives. In the operations of the organization we could audit the analysis of inputs and outputs and also assess and grade according to companies operations requirements. The next way of improving organizational pattern of the company is by improving productivity, minimizing costs and social costs without forgetting environmental emissions as a way of improving paradigm. Manufacturing and distribution of products and services is selectively refined to facilitate its efficiency. The other important thing is taking care of customers’ preferences, tastes, new technology introduced and the superior products in the market ( 2007).


There are several assumptions that we are making with Kava. We assume that Kava will want us and will not block us from construction or operations.  Wal-Mart will also assume the people of Kava will see that we are a diverse organization and boast strong youth community outreach programs to give structure and guidance to the large population of youths.. It can be assumed that the Kavaians will be happy that so many local jobs with excellent employee benefits will be there for them if they apply for the jobs.  Managing the approach to the employees benefits would be vital.  We could assume that though the volume of youths under the age of 15 is so high, that maybe the legal age to work is 15, and that maybe the high youth volume isn’t a bad thing. Also with training programs in place to help with the inexperienced employees, we can spend more time apart from trainings and managing the workers in an effort to maximize the reconstruction of the natural disaster hit island (McNamara, 2010).




The stakeholders involved in this decision include but not limited too, company executives and management, suppliers, shareholders, employees and their families, citizens of Kava, government officials, and other interested community members.  Keeping in mind that ensuring how business conducts itself in the right manner would be a way forward in achieving the business goals (Garry Crystal, 2010).

Possible Challenges

With various languages being spoken throughout the island, we will have to ensure that we have enough multi-lingual associates on staff to help the people within the stores, as well as at any community functions and programs that we are a part of.  Being able to secure land in which to build on, which would allow the transportation of goods, in and out of our stores, is another challenge as there have been allot of natural disasters in what I would consider prime building locations.


In an effect to the above changes, there will be risks of either raising the business standards or failing it depending on how the stakeholders will cooperate. The customers’ preference could be affected by the changes before they adapt to the new setup in the business. However, this could be a great step in trying to boost the business opportunity of the organization.






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