Obama 2008 campaign ad

Please select and answer the following question. Write a short essay (4 to 6 pages long, double spaced, normal margins) on the topic selected.
When discussing an author or authors, make sure to cite appropriately and to summarize his/her/their claims or arguments. Use Lance Bennett News. The Politics of Illusion (NPI, thereafter), and Hallin and Mancini, Analyzing Media Systems (AMS)The readings in parenthesis next to each topic are suggestions you may wan to use some, all, or other additional/alternative ones. Readings and audiovisuals must be used as background materials to extract facts/arguments to support/illustrate your own arguments. Please add a list of bibliographical references at the end of your work.
1. Analyze the Obama 2008 campaigns add Yes we can. (http://www.livingroomcandidate.org/commercials/2008) You may focus on the ways in which it accomplishes the goals of political communications (Bennett) AND how it uses the internet (it went viral) to communicate with the audience (Castells, Castells et al, Brundidge et al).

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