The assessment will include literature relating to area of the specialised area of (contemporary issues  confronting Australia ) or any area from the course content that chooses to explore. Student can put forward a topic of interest to them as long as it relates to a mental health issue.

Students will choose from the following topics:
1.    Self Harming and effective interventions
2.    Domestic violence and it’s identification and intervention by health professionals
3.    Bullying as a form of violence in Nursing and its impact
4.    Youth Homelessness and substance use
5.    Anorexia Nervosa and treatment interventions
6.    Sexual Abuse and it’s identification and intervention by health professionals
7.    Substance abuse and suicide
8.    Binge drinking among youth in Australia and its impact on society
9.    Borderline personality disorders and their treatment
10.    Sexually transmitted diseases and mental illness
11.    Media representation of mental illness
12.    Rehabilitation models for people with chronic mental illness
13.    Elder abuse and it’s identification and intervention by health professionals.

Structure of your group paper
This paper is 2000 to 2500 words. Introduce your assignment and state the objectives for the paper. Why is this a significant topic for contemporary debate? Consider having a section with definitions of terms used in the paper to clarify these and use the literature to support your definitions. The assignment should cover the extent of the problem and draw from literature with a focus on the Australian situation. Provide an overview of current literature concerning policy, treatment interventions and / or likely outcomes. Ensure that this section is critical and utilises current research literature (within the last 5 years). Consider having a section on interventions and again utilise the literature to support this section. Be critical of the methods used in research studies. Provide a section that overviews implications for health care workers, policy, practice, education and training. Provide a conclusion to your paper. Your references need to be in APA or Harvard format. Attach any relevant appendices.

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