Novels: fight club, one flew of the cooks nest, and the heart of darkness.

This final paper assignment allows you to create your own thesis within only a few restrictions.
The restrictions are: 1)    You must conduct an analysis of any topic related to one or more of the novels
read and discussed in this course. 2)    ***It must somehow relate to this class, and must connect to at least one of the
novels we read in class*** 3)    You must have a well thought out and clear thesis that is proven by your opinion,
examples from the text(s), and other published opinions of scholars. APA formatting.
Some possible topics/ideas include: •    Analysis of character portrayal in the novel(s) and film(s) •    Analysis of a novel you read outside of class and how it pertains to what we’ve
discussed about the novels in this class. •    Analysis of an author we’ve read and how it relates, or does not relate to the type
of writing normally conducted during that literary time period. –Does the author’s
style really fit the time period?? •    Any theme you saw develop in any of the novels. •    The role of supporting characters in any of the novels and their effect on the main
character(s)/narrator. •    Storytelling through certain points of views and its effect on an audience. • Etc.
The idea behind this assignment is for you to develop a very clear and provable thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the main point you are arguing in your essay. It must be novel, interesting and provable. Your thesis statement should be stated clearly within the first paragraph and all other subsequent paragraphs work to prove the main thesis. This DOES NOT mean that you write a 5 paragraph essay with 3 points backing up your thesis. Although this is a decent format, any thesis statement you work to prove (if you want a high grade) should be too difficult to prove with only 3 points.
Your essay should not make the reader guess at your points. Your points should be clear, and the evidence you use (your opinion, quotes from texts, quotes from outside published scholars) should be clearly related and work to backup your point(s). Lead the reader through a set of clearly shown points with clear evidence that supports your claims. Use multiple paragraphs to breakup your points and make sure that your sentences are well structured and grammatically correct.

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