: Natural Selection on Darwin

Thesis statement
Your essay should have an arguable thesis statement. It should seek to prove a particular, non-obvious point about your topic. Your thesis statement, while supported by your textual evidence, cannot be replaced by it, that is, you need to have your own idea that is carefully laid out, not found in someone else’s writing.

Your introduction 1-2 pages should situate your argument in terms of our work on darwin. It should take some aspects of Darwin work into account. You should be able to find everything you need in this regard in Origin of Species, Voyage of the Beagle, or Evolution;s Captain. You should be able to explain how your topic relates to Darwin, and why your argument is a good one. Your introduction should lead into your thesis statement, which should be somewhere on page 2

Body 1
After you introuduce your thesis statement, give some background information about your topic (info you didnt use in your introduction) Summarize some of the key arguments for and or against your particular topic. Answer the questions: Who? WHat? Why? WHen? Where? How? Explain why this topic is interesting and why your thesis statement about it is correct. 3-4 pages

Body 2
Here, you should lay out your particular investments in the discourse about your topic. Why are some sources better than others? Whose ideas about your topic are the best( or worst) What does the future hold for your topic, and how does that future relate to your thesis statement? You might also think about the future of your topic in terms of Darwin s ideas. Do new findings/arugmetns support or contradict his ideas? How might further discovery in/ on your topic help to prove/ disprove Dariwn correct? (3-4 pages)

Body 3
Now think about analyzing particular souces/ textual evidence. How is your evidence rhetorically structured? Does it. for example, present a particular, biased point of view? Does it respond to particular arguments or problems? Is it intended for a particular audience? If so, who is that audience, and how are you, as researcher, included or excluded in/ from it? You mightalso consider the role of logical or what we might call common sense thinking in your evidence. Does your evidence display a preoccupation with certain political ideologies, global issues, regional concerns, moralistic or ethical problems ( 2-3 pages)

Summarize your key ideas and suggest some places to go for further exploration. Acknowledge the fact that your essay doesnt exhaust all possible ideas about your topic, but also reiterate the importance of the work you’ve done (1-2 pages)

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