Issues Facing (selected group)

Select one of the following ethnic groups and in a two to three page paper, interpret the issues facing that group:

Native Americans
African Americans
Hispanic Americans
Asian Americans
White Ethnic
Jewish Americans

Apply the terms and concepts used in the first two weeks of this course: stratification, assimilation, pluralism, prejudice and discrimination, majority and minority. Also describe the role of politics, public policies and economics relating to your group. Your grade will be determined by your analysis of the material, quality of writing, organization, and critical thinking.

You are encouraged to analyze your findings and avoid over-use of direct quotations.

Writing the Research Report
The Research Report:
Must be eight double-spaced pages in length and formatted according to APA style.
Must include a cover page that includes:
o Student’s name
o Course name and number
o Title of paper
o Instructor name
o Date submitted
Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.
Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.
Must use APA style to document all sources.
Must include seven sources.
Must include, on the final page, a Reference Page that is completed according to APA style.

What sources are not acceptable for academic research and referencing?
Wikipedia, other wikis, or blogs
Websites and other sources that do not provide quality researched materials (site does not use credible sources to support the information in the document)
All research must reflect professional academic protocol and be documented according to APA standards.

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