Interpretative or Critical Paper on a Poem

Interpretative or Critical Paper on a Poem, MLA format 4-5 pages. you may take on an interpretively difficult or problematic poem and write a brief paper presenting the interpretative problem and exploring possible solutions. Ideally, in the course of working on this paper, you will resolve the problem in a way that is satisfying for you and convincing to your reader. However, it is possible–even likely–that your work on the problem will advance your understanding of the problem and clarify its dimensions for your reader, but that your paper will still not reach any conclusion that might be called a solution or resolution for the problem you have examined.

Or you may write an interpretive paper on a poem, offering simply to help a reader understand the poem more deeply or comprehensively or pleasurably.

Be sure and use poetic terms and definitions provided by the text and in class. Whatever issue you address or problem you explore in your paper, please be certain to do some reading about the poem and the author or contexts and make some use of these readings in your essay.
You may read any of the supplementary readings in our textbook or you may use other resources that you find in journals or in books (or online) about the author or the poem (be sure to give credit where credit is due and according to MLA citation guidelines). The idea is simply to make sure that your essay is informed in some way by your engagement in a conversation that goes beyond your discussions in class or with the instructor to include perspectives available through the wider and more carefully constructed conversations that are represented by the body of published literature about literature.

Use An Introduction to Poetry 13th edition by X.J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia as one of the resources (mainly for defintions and terms). There is a minumim of 3 sources required.

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