Inernational Business Management

me and my partners established a very successful coffee-shop “chain” in Dubai, UAE in the following areas: JBR, Burjuman and Jumeira. After the past success I have decided to enter foreign markets. I know that over 50% of international activities of small companies fail in their first year, so to increase my chances of success, I have decided to do a detailed analysis of my internal competencies and the external international environment to discover what opportunities and threats I will encounter
1. Decide what I must know about (a) my future customers, (b) my future competitors, and (c) three other critical forces in the international environment if I am able to be successful.

2. Evaluate the four main barriers to entry into the coffee shop business. Develop feasible suggestions to overcome those difficulties. ( four main barriers such as 1. External and Internal factors: competitive, economic, labor and political. 2. Demostic environment: All the uncontrollable forces originating in home country that surround and influnce the firm’s life and development. 3. the foreign environment. 4. the international environment.)

3. Based on analysis, list some of the steps I would take to help my business to succeed in an international environment.

Business stablished in Dubai and I need to expand it to UK.
paper need to be business format.
Reference according to the Harvard system of referencing
the resources required from website and e-books
Appropriate use of examples
Appropriate use of evidence to support your claims
An strategic analysis is conducted
Arguments are well supported by relevant evidence
The report demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the topic
At the end (after references) attached 4 videos that support the project( links).

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