immigrant nurses

For this assignment, you will discuss a current, debatable topic in your intended field of study. You should provide all sides of the argument (Tip: do not assume there are only two sides to every debate; on the contrary, there can be a multitude of sides.). You should not insert a personal point of view (including the word ), but instead simply state what the sides of the debate are and why it is important. Clearly explain why the topic is important not just in your field, but to the reader as well. You must use at least 5 sources. They do not have to be the same sources you used in your annotated bibliography. You should clearly and succinctly summarize and/or paraphrase the research done on this topic. All sources used need to be cited according to MLA. Your essay must be at least 5 pages in length (that means onto the 6th page). It should be clearly and logically organized, with minimal spelling and grammatical errors.

To custom writer: I hope you still have the material used for the annotated bibliography you wrote for me. I also would like to add a article about the Sentosa nuses Controversy in NYC, maybe even make that the opening to the research paper. The paper isnt actually due until the 30th, but i need a rough draught or detailed outline for wednesday morning.. Its up to you if you want to just turn in the final product on wednesday or not.

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