Identifying passages

Identify these passages, briefly (in three or four sentences, no more) describing their significance:


1. “It was only now and then that we were able to study, through the medium of his recollection, the simple but intensely human inner life of slavery.”


2. “I dunno,” he said, with a bewildered look.  “Summat to make her live, I think,—like you.  Whiskey ull do it, in a way.”


3. It was a strange sight to see these black men rallying around the Stars and Stripes, when white men were trampling them under foot and riddling them with bullets.


4. “Co’se, I know all about dat. . . en it sorter made cole chills run up my bock; but w’en I see dat man take aim. . . I des disremembered all ‘bout freedom en lammed aloose.”


5. The conditions were all favorable to story-telling.  There was an autumnal languor in the air, and a dreamy haze softened the dark green of the distant pines and the deep blue of the southern sky.


6. Some of the facts in this strange story—circumstances of which [he] was ignorant, though he had the main facts correct—I learned afterwards from other sources, but I have woven them all together here in orderly sequence.


7.  His head rested against the old man’s arm, and he was gazing with an expression of the most intense interest into the rough, weather-beaten face, that beamed so kindly upon him.


8. “Dey could hear sump’n moanin’ en groanin’ ‘bout de kitchen in de night-time, en we’en de win’ would blow dey could hear sump’n a-hollerin’ en sweekin’ lack it wuz in great pain en sufferin.”


9. “But what right has public opinion to interfere with our marriage relations?  Why should we yield to its behests?”


10.  Was it not his right to live as they,—a pure life, a good, true-hearted life, full of beauty and kind words?  He only wanted to know how to use the strength within him.



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