Book review from the book titled ENOUGH written by Juan Williams

The bulk of review should concentrate on evaluation of the way the author handled the issues discusses.

Describe the book: What is the overall thesis? Is it interesting, memorable, entertaining, and instructive? Why?

Respond to the author’s worldview. What do you agree with? Why? What do you disagree with? Why?

Explore issues the book raises. What possibilities does the book suggest? Explain, what matters does the book leave out? Explain.

Relate your argument to other books or authors; Support your argument for or against the author’s opinions by bringing in other authors you agree with.

Relate the book to larger issues; how did the book affect worldview of sociocultural stability and change?  How has your opinion about the topic changed? What are your reactions? Did the book enhance your understanding of the issues? Be as direct as possible.

Conclude with your personal critique. Has the book challenged you intellectually?

Close with a direct comment on the book.

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