Greenhouse Effect

This was the comment from the professor on the outline.
Good organization and identification of the issue, but you need to develop more details with respect to the different stakeholders. Are the states not stakeholders? What about specific cities? Are there interests identical with each other and with the federal government? Aren’t there local community associations equally aroused, private environmentalists etc. Who benefits and who loses from addressing this issue? You understand what the issue is and your outline includes some but not all of the stakeholders. What is the current policy, who is for change and who is opposed? It is to that mix that you would add your solutions and recommendations. My concern is that you need to gather more information before you can fully address the issue, explain the evolution of the present policy and propose your solution. Good effort, if you need assistance let me know.


For your course project, you will be writing a detailed report on a specific domestic environmental issue that you have chosen and that has been approved by your instructor. Select an environmental issue, describe it in detail, identify the primary stakeholders involved and specify what their interests are, report on the actions taken by various stakeholders, explain how environmental policy has been developed and modified at federal, state, and local levels pertaining to your issue, and research and explain the current status of the issue. Suggest a proposed resolution to the issue and explain how each stakeholder might be persuaded to accept this resolution.

Adhere to the following formatting requirements:

Use memo format.

Double-space the text.

Provide citations in APA format in the text of the memo itself. (Do not use footnotes.)

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