God Grew Tired of Us-Book/movie review

Before I get to the details, this essay for international student so try to make it simple not hard.

Essay double-spaced.  Fewer than two pages is too short.  No larger. Regular margins.  No cover page & no reference page – save paper– put it at the bottom of your last page.

Write about 1, 2, or more of the questions below.  (Or, if you have another perspective from which you’d like to approach this book, please do so. Make sure you use examples from the book.  Introduce your essay, and conclude it.  Use page numbers to cite all quotes

1.    What strikes you most about John Bul’s (the author), and his friends Daniel, and Panther’s reactions to America?  Provide specific examples from God Grew Tired of Us (use page numbers to identify quotes).  Do any of their surprises surprise you?  What do you suppose the Lost Boys loved most about America?   What do they find unusual or perplexing or even negative about America?  What do they miss about their homeland?  Be as specific as you can through quotes and ideas from the book.

2.    When and where do we see the most effective ‘sense of community’ in the book?  Where is it lacking?  How can you foster ‘community’ for people such as John, Daniel and Panther?  Why is community involvement and organization important?  Use examples from the book.  (for ways to get involved, go to www.godgrewtiredofus.com or www.worldrelief.org )

3.    A real ‘geography’ question: Compare and contrast life (physical and cultural) in rural Sudan with urban Phoenix (or any of the big cities in the US where the Lost Boys have been resettled).  Use passages/quotes/pages from the book to describe the land, the climate, the culture, the people…

4.    Can you imagine yourself in the Lost Boys’ situation?  Incorporate the refugee simulation we did in class into your essay to strengthen your argument.  Use examples from the book.

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