Genre: Superheroes/Action
Film: Iron man (I)

1) Select the best continuous 5-minutes scene or sequence from Iron man (I) that shows conventions.

2) Based on that 5-minutes scene, you need to indicate some important features of the film’s generic codes and conventions that would appeal to specific target audience.

3) In the review, you need to cover:
i) Narrative and plot conventions (plot structure, script elements)
ii) Iconographic and symbolic image
conventions(superheroes suit,superpower etc)
iii) indicate what target audience would be interested in these conventions, and therefore, what audience is likely to be (or already is) attracted to the genre film (Superheroes/action). You can consider as wide or as narrow an audience as you like (e.g females as an international Western audience for a vampire movie; or 14 year old males in Japan as a target audience for a cyberpunk/mecha anime TV series)

*only make 2 brief points on the conventions (narrative&plot/iconography&symbolic)
*pls note at the beginning of the review which scene (indicate in minutes e.g 30:00:01) has been selected

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