Ethiopia Strategy/ Reform Plan

Your LDC Strategy/Reform Plan  Instructions
Brief Summary

150 Points
3 page essay
APA formatting in the body and in References listing
At least 3 outside Resources. Highly creditable resource, no—.com

Strategy/Reform Plan for your chosen LDC — (150 points)
Over the weeks of this course, we will thoroughly discuss various theories and ideas about how to help move LDCs toward modernization. There are very few agreed upon solutions by the experts. Furthermore, each LDC has unique challenges requiring a customized plan that will press beyond their particular circumstances that are keeping them from substantial development. In this assignment, you will provide a customized plan for your LDC “ making suggestions for its successful competition in a globalized world. To do this you must: 1) describe the obstacles of your country, 2) present solutions that will bring development, and 3) explain how your solutions pertain to the LDCs particular circumstances. This will be done in a 3 page essay using APA formatting with at least 3 outside resources. Resources taken from your Article Reports may be included as your resources.

Grading Rubric

You may want to follow the grading rubric found below while writing your strategy/Reform Plan. However, WRITE your essay in APA format on a Word document and deposit it in the dropbox by Sunday of week 9. In other words, in this case, you are NOT to use this form for your assignment

Strategy/Reform Plan For Your Selected LDC Grading Rubric — 150 Points

Area Points Possible Points Earned
Essay structure and APA formatting: Contains focused thesis statement, well developed paragraphs with topic and supporting sentences in each. Shows strong organization throughout, with a clear introduction, conclusion, and development of thought within the body. Contains very few if any typos, spelling errors, or grammatical errors. Meets length requirement of 3 pages. Writing style is concise, logical, and statements are supported by facts, reason, and examples. Makes proper use of APA formatting for references (reference page) and citations (in-text). 30 points
Content· Defines modernization and the goals of development reform· Discusses particular social, economic, and political challenges of ones chosen LDC. · Discusses several possible solutions/reforms for meeting the challenges of development and affecting progress. This includes stating the pros and cons of each reform strategy mentioned. ÃⷠGive reasonable arguments for instituting at least one reform strategy for each of the following forms of development: social, economic, and political reform. (Ones selected strategies may already be in effect by the LDC, but the reasonable arguments for their potential success must still be made.) 90 points
Use of resources: · Includes at least 3 high quality outsides resources.· Makes effective use of research sources, the material found in course readings, and discussions· Provides facts and expert advice taken from the outside resources. ÃⷠUses the outside resources to build an argument for the selection of the reform strategies. 30 points
150 Total Points

Developing Countries  —  Important Terms  Chapters 1-3


Chapter 1 – Understanding Underdevelopment

1 LDC  
2 Third World  
3 Social Underdevelopment  
4 Economic Underdevelopment  
5 Political Underdevelopment  
6 Traditional vs. Modern  
7 Modernization Theory  
8 Dependency Theory  
9 New Modernization Theory/Contemporary Theory  
10 Measures of development  
11 Urbanization  
12 Industrialization  
13 Institutionalization  
14 Rationalization  
15 Democratization  
16 Rule of Law  
17 Specialization  
18 Secularization  



Chapter 2 – Democratic Change and the Change to Democracy

1 Authoritarian rule  
2 Democratic rule  
3 Electoral democracy  
4 Semi-democracy  
5 Liberal democracy  
6 Substantive democracy  
7 Third Wave  
8 Freedom House  
9 Prerequisites to Democracy  
10 Democratic Consolidation  



Chapter 3 Religion and Politics

1 Theocracy  
2 Islam  
3 Islamist  
4 Shi’ism (Shi’ite)  
5 Sunnis  
6 Hinduism  
7 Catholicism  
8 Buddhism  
9 Secularization  
10 Secular state  
11 Islamic state  
12 Muslim state  
13 Organic system  
14 Religio-political system  
15 Caste system  
16 Fundamentalism  


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