Much of the work we will do on moral questions and moral theory in this course may seem very abstract. This is necessary when you are looking for the broadest understanding possible, but it also allows a certain casualness to work its way into the practice.

For your final paper, you must write in a careful, theoretical way. You must use at least five (5) scholarly, outside sources in the construction of your argument. At a minimum, you will examine the practical, ethical/social obligations; the need for appropriate actions; and the optimal ethical, decision-making processes existing in one of the four following topic areas:

1.The Role of Government
2.The role of Corporations
3.Environmental Issues
4.Ethical Integrity.
Students are encouraged to provide personal experiences, where appropriate, and offer suggestions to improve current and future ethical decision processes in their chosen area of research. Students are encouraged to discuss their ideas for the research paper with their instructor throughout the course. Your instructor is always available through email and in the “Questions and Comments” discussion board for feedback.
Paper needs to be 12pt times new roman font

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