essay plan

1.Select a “dead” communication technology and write an account of its
development, use and “death” in the contexts of both society and technology.
“Dead” in this context refers to a technology that is no longer in widespread use. For example,
audio cassettes are still used in niche situations, and many people perhaps use them in a
limited fashion, but for all intents and purposes the technology has been superseded. The
assignment topic will be further unpacked and discussed in tutorials.
Marking criteria:
– Draws on an acceptable range of relevant scholarly resources (minimum of 8), uses
them intelligently, and correctly references them using Harvard or APA style
– Strength and accuracy of overall argument
– Addresses all elements of topic
– Quality of writing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure etc.)
2.Students will submit a written essay plan which outlines their approach to the research essay
Marking criteria:
– Addresses all required aspects of essay planning (as per template)
– Outlines a considered, robust and appropriate approach to research essay
– Identifies likely resources

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