Discussing song lyrics

In this essay you will be discussing the lyrics of a song. It should be a song you are familiar with and one that is a favorite of your because of its lyrics (I already choose one, look at bullet point on bottom of page for more info). The purpose of the essay is to argue that the songs lyrics contain the attributes of poetry. Your job is to demonstrate the lyrics are poetic in nature by showing the reader all of the elements that you believe make it poetry. Make sure that you pick a song whose lyrics do incorporate at least some of the significant and/or traditional elements of poetry. Obviously, traditional elements such as rhythm and rhyme are things to look for. While your lyrics do have to contain all of the traditional elements, the lyrics do need to have enough attributes for you to argue they are poetry. As well as discussing the form of lyrics, you should also analyze the meaning of any parts of the lyrics that are not self evident and require explanation for the purpose of showing why the lyrics are poetry, so try to pick a song with simplistic words. Think about the songs theme, tone, dictions, and use of other attributes such as symbolism including such specific devices as metaphors, simile, and other figures of speech etc

The essays introduction paragraph should provide some background to the discussion by discussing the reasons why you chose the song and information about the writer, performer, what CD or source it was a part of, and any other information that is noteworthy and of interest. The introduction should end with a thesis that states the purpose the purpose of your essay. The support paragraph of the essay should systematically support the thesis, arguing why the lyrics can be seen as poetry.

The essays form should be MLA: double spaced, one inch margin all around. If you use a title, make sure it does something useful. The title of the song should be in quotation marks, and the title of the CD or other source should be in italic or underlined. Use quotes from the lyrics where appropriate to help substantiate your ideas (use intext parenthetical references to show line numbers of quotes).

Remember that it has to be a minimum of four pages.
The song I am going to choose is  by 2pac (url: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/2pac/ghettogospel.html).
You can talk about 2pacs history as a child and where he grew up, look up interviews by him, and find some fun facts about him.
One fun fact is that he was born in jail, another is that his mom was a black panther and his dad was a Malcolm X body guard (all of this info could be googled).
The number of sources does not really matter as long as you have at least three.
Also keep in mind that 2pac was writing poetry of another audience and did not worry about following the old traditional poetry rules because his audience was not looking for that, he did write poetry though.
I wanted to write this essay but with work and calculus there is no time so please write a really good essay just like you always do and remember that I do not write essays that well so write it similar to the trifles essay you wrote for me.
Thank you very much.

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