different types of marriage arangments

Assignment 1 requires students write a detailed summary of the assigned material, organize a 10-source bibliography regarding a self-selected research topic based on the assigned reading material (chapters 1-12), and provide a summary of 5 of the most informative sources regarding that research. Expected length: 6 pages (plus bibliography page)

10-Source Bibliography Research multiple sources to educate yourself on your topic of choice. Select your 10 best sources and create a bibliography of those sources. To do this, it might be helpful to access the information available at a library. Go to their main website at: http://yyz.clcillinois.edu/library/ – select the Site a Source section. You should also review the Evaluate a Website section to assist you in your selection of 4 quality websites worthy of your review.

5-Source Bibliography Summary. From your 10-source bibliography select the best 5 and write a 1 page typed summary of each of them. For more information, go to How to Write a Summary at the end of this section.

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