Cuban Missle Crisis

Write an interpretive essay of approximately 1500 words (5 to 7 pages) on one or more of the assigned primary source documents. (A list of the acceptable primary sources will be distributed.)

Your essay should consist of three parts. First, place your document in its larger context by discussing the historic influences and events within which it was produced. The next part should be based on a close, careful reading and analysis of your document. The third should discuss the immediate international consequences of the document. You should consult your lecture notes and assigned texts. While you are not expected to use any other sources or secondary materials for this discussion, you are always allowed to do so, provided all of your references are properly cited.

You will always be graded on your writing style and grammar as well as the content of your work. Be sure to proofread and edit thoroughly before turning in your assignments. Margins should be one-inch. Fonts should be serif and 12 point. Lines must be double-spaced. Your pages must be numbered (no number on the first page of text) and for papers there must be a separate title page. Your paper must have a bibliography and footnotes, when appropriate, (not parenthetical citations if you do not know what this means, ask) and your citations must follow either the Chicago Manual of Style or Kate Turabian A Guide for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. Guidelines for the use of the Chicago style, including online sources, can be seen at the address below.

Nearly all approved sources are online and I have a list I can provide.

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