construction management

must research professional literature to learn which journals those individuals in your field consult and to learn about professional organizations affiliate in your career.
you will conduct secondary research and use a minimum of 3 scholarly sources. do not use encyclopedias.
incorporate this research into a report of a minimum of 4 pages and use apa style formatting the paper, citing sources in-text, and typing the bibliography.
*topics to investigate:
1. what is the average salary range of a construction manager?
2. how many different careers surround my degree in construction science?
3. what is the average advancement rate in my field?
4. what is involved in the nature of the work?
5. what is the job outlook for construction managers?

sources ive used for proposal:
1.bureau of labor statistics. occupational outlook handbook
2. college grad careers.(2010) career information-construction managers
3. Education portal. (2010) construction science degres by degree program level.

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