Comparative Analysis of Two Stories

Write a comparative analysis essay of the two stories: “The Secret Lion” by Alberto Rios and “Doe Season” by David Kaplan. Depending upon the authors you select, in some cases literary criticism about a particular short story may be almost non-existent. In those cases, you may broaden your search to include literary criticism pertaining to the author’s works in general (you will have to establish the link to the particular story you are discussing) or you may include biographical research if you are able to tie it effectively to your analysis (For example, how does the background of the author you’re discussing impact the particular work you are analyzing?) Also, your analysis should focus on at least two of the following aspects of the work: writer’s tone, style, and use of language; plot; character; setting; point of view; theme (please focus on this one); or use of symbolism and/or allegory. Additionally, the essay will be more balanced if you analyze both works from the same critical perspectives. Please leave the last page for the “Works Cited Page” (which must be on a separate page). A total of 4 sources should be included in the essay, at least two sources for EACH essay and i will send you by e-mail two of the sources which I have found for “The Doe Season”. Please review the sources, and use them if you think it’s appropriate, if it’s not, please find two sources for me. Please find the two sources for “The Secret Lion”. The sources MUST be reliable and from external works of literary criticism. Please focus on the idea of losing of innocence which is the main similarity of the above two stories. However, the above idea is my own point of view. If you think that this is not appropriate or there is a better approach, please go by your idea.

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